Friday, August 11, 2006
[Di hadapan kelas, pensyarah - Mdm Z (bukan nama sebenar) - sedang mengajar]

Subject : Introduction to Microbiology

Topic : Bacteria

Characteristics : Some of them can withstand in extreme environment; dry location, powerful activity of digestive enzyme, intense acid of volcanic acid, extreme high and cold temperature….

[Dalam kelas yang sama, pelajar – Awan (bukan nama sebenar) – sedang menyalin nota]

Subject : Introduction to Microbiology

Topic : Student (Mahasiswa)

Characteristic : Some of them can withstand in extreme circumstances; pressure of AUKU, powerful of university’s administration, intense activity of government, awful aspiration group, extreme and unacceptable act….

Nota tambahan: Mahasiswa perlu belajar dari bakteria. Walau apa jua tekanan dan dugaan, mahasiswa mesti terus berjuang. Withstand!

Moral : Tumpukan perhatian kepada pelajaran semasa berada dalam kelas!
posted by Awan Badai @ 12:13 PM  
  • At 11:57 AM, Blogger jarri said…

    aku student microb<

  • At 12:38 PM, Anonymous play fool said…

    Our current malay generation is racist now because they desperately want to hang on to privileges which I frankly believe it slowly causing the malay race to rot away and become a pathetic race on crutches dependent.

    I think that malays are the most stupid idiots on earth……….they might have big sized bodies bud in their head, but they have puny brains.

    Thus coming to the conclusion that they are the most stupid black blocks on earth……….they are colored black and stink like a garbage dump.

    Does malays ever think twice about their religious? What if yours believe is not what you think!

    You malays will rape anybody just for sexual pleasure. You didn't read about the malay who raped his own sister?

    Not only that! They yell 5 times per day and expect to go to heaven! After committing so many sins like killing, rape, steal!

    Malays are so stupid that deserve to be robbed by their own government. They in fact deserve to be raped as well. May be we were better off as British rule Malaysia after all.

    Malays are jealous of Chinese, that is why they hate them. Americans are not jealous of Chinese, because they don't need tongkat. They buy a lot of Chinese goods. If they hate, they would have boycott the products. Bodoh!

    Oh! Bodoh! Only blind man needs tongkat.

    If Americans don't hate the malays, why is there so much bad press against Mahathir when he scolded the Americans? You malays are brainless and never read the newspaper. Everyday special rights here and there……….still like your tongkat so much!

    You go to American embassy and see which country now is blacklisted? Did they blacklist Singapore, Taiwan?

    Even the Japanese look down upon the malays because they are just a bunch of corrupt, fool, lazy person who feed on the Chinese income tax for their existence.

    The malays want to produce as many pig babies as they want, but doesn't teach them what is honesty, hard working, civilisation!<

  • At 12:43 PM, Anonymous winner said…

    To me, Ketuanan Melayu is the false notion of malay greatness or malay supremacy. Truth is - there is nothing to associate the malay race with greatness.

    By any widely accepted standards, it will be obvious to see that the malay race does not quality to be called one of the great races of this world. Truth is that the Chinese and Indians have a culture accomplished much more and far greater than these jokers have.

    It should be Chinese and Indian supremacy in Malaysia. The only reason why malays have power in Malaysia is because they have the biggest population, and the racist rhetoric of the malay Umno politicians always sway the malay vote towards themselves.

    Anyway, back to the untrue notion of Ketuanan Melayu. Let us see what malays have accomplished. Has any malay won the Nobel Prize - no. Has any malay been nominated for the Nobel Prize - most probably not.

    By contrast, numerous Chinese and Indians have won the Nobel Prize and various other awards. The Chinese and Indian diaspora is widely recognized as two of the three most successful diasporas in history, the other being the Jewish diaspora. All over the world, Chinese and Indians have become successful artists, CEOs, doctors, filmmakers, scientists, writers, etc, etc.

    Name one malay who is widely recognized around the world in his or her field. The only malay whose name might be recognized out of this country is Mahathir, and he is part Indian. Is malay culture recognized as a world renowned culture - no.

    Malay culture, if cultures were ranked, would be close to the bottom. What is their culture compared to the great Chinese and Indian cultures that are centuries old and really rich. The Chinese and Indians have a 5000 years old history during which China and India have played a very important part in world history.

    Nobody knew about malays until the Indian kings of south India first came here. That is why the oldest archeological remains in Malaysia, in Lembah Bujang, are Hindu temples.

    The malay sultanate itself was started by a Hindu - Parameswara. And even at the height of its power, the Malacca sultanate was nothing more than a vassal of the Chinese emperor.

    Have any malay architect designed anything worthwhile - no. Have any malay author won the Booker Prize or the Pulitzer Prize - no. Have any malay filmmaker won an Oscar - no. Have the malays achieved anything in sports - no.

    Chinese and Indians have achieved all this. So there is no real Ketuanan Melayu. It is a fiction concocted by racist stupid politicians to keep the "kampung" malays happy thinking that they have had a glorious past.

    They don't. Their history isn't worth mentioning. You would never find a mention of malays or Malaysia or Tanah Melayu in most books of world history while entire chapters are devoted to the history of China and India.

    The discriminative constitution and law of Malaysia is just a recognition of this fact. The malay leaders and to every single malay knows that on a level playing field, the malays will never be able to compete with the Chinese and Indians.<

  • At 12:44 PM, Anonymous cool said…

    Malays are lazy, narrow-minded, racist, in the real world. But they blame Chinese, Indians, white man, for many things. No wonder many person label malays as disgrace animals.

    It is good for malays to go back to jungle (balik kampung) or Africa, in order to avoid so many problems. Enough said.

    Like what one said, your Umno racist label is to just rob the benefits and rights of the poor and unassuming malays, who think that you are fighting for their cause. Whom are you trying to bluff?

    There is nothing to be proud of Ketuanan Melayu. If at all, it is only the personification of the ills facing the malays in general today.

    Minus the nation building and economics, you malays are left with only politics - right before and after independence. Creeps like you should find out and address this - talked and discussed problem which does not seem to go away.

    If even after almost 50 years, and after all the generous handouts, you are still a bitter man, lamenting at our Chinese and Indians successes, then go back and do a bit of homework to find out why you need to talk less and work more.

    Everyone knows that they worked and struggled to build a nation, I mean sweated it out. Lest you forget history, the Chinese and Indians came here to build a country which was largely neglected. Ask yourself why?

    Their sweat and pains may have been forgotten by selfish creatures cloaking in disguise in the likes of you, but this Malaysia nation shares a rich history of the "other races" contributing to the nation building, which you cannot be proud of.

    Well, there are always guys like me who have tried and have been continuously denied the opportunity to "serve" this country, basically with the race card thrown at me.

    Look around yourself and tell me as honestly as you can - be whether under such circumstances, I would have reasons to love this country? Unless you have a different definition for that word "love"!

    To further prolong the grips of the Umno racists over the greed others, especially the Chinese, is been made the scapegoat for all things.

    A fear that had has no concrete socio-economical standings. It is more psychological. For that all the Malaysians are been pull and push into the self-dug hole of only Ketuanan Melayu matters most. All things are secondary.

    He forgets that what he has been written is just like the saying: spitting skywards and get own face smeared.

    Such a mind is wasted by simple forms rather than the deep down substances, show this guy's mind is as empty and twisted. The saddest part is that Umno racist can write better, indicating a higher level of 'education' but more tunnel understanding of historical facts. His education is wasted, and another basket case of form over substance.

    From what Umno racist has been written, it can be seen that these malays are still at the balls despite of the facts that the globalization will eventually making their factitious claim obsolete.

    Many would like to dispute and point to whatever reports that claimed glories for all the developments stated for Malaysia now. There is only one word for this spurious cry - form over substance. Please think deeper to reflect this.

    Just think about how Philippine goes down the drain under Marcos government. Sadder still, we are not catching up with the top. Instead we keep comparing ourselves with the bottom and sliding down the rank as we "proudly" proclaimed these achievements. How pathetic can one be!<

  • At 12:47 PM, Anonymous run away said…

    They came in Tanah Melayu……….You mean Tanah Orang Asli, you Jawanese pirate descendent came in?

    Perhaps that is what we should give these ungrateful leeches like Umno ultra: Non-malay businesses should just pack up and leave, taking with them their capitals and investments. Non-malays with the means should emigrate.

    Then these sick brain morons not only can keep their 30%, they can have 100%……….of nothing.

    And we sit back and watch them implode under the heavy load of their bureaucracy, crutches and religious fundamentalism.

    As for implosions, that is the only way malays are going to head if they don't pull their heads out of the sand soon. The world doesn't owe you jack shit, and very soon reality will catch up with the lot of you. You can either embrace reality or perish by it.

    As a non-malay and proud of it, I am ashamed to associate myself with hypocrites like you and your followers. I chose to leave the land of my birth because of people like you and guess what - No regrets whatsoever. Best decision I have ever made.

    There is no reason for malays to be poor unless they are ass lazy or mental deformed or really stupid..........pick your choice.<

  • At 12:49 PM, Anonymous no brain leader said…

    The malay pig have drawn up a plan to displace all non-malays. They are discriminating against all non-malays. More and more non-malays are leaving.

    You know why he/she need to leave……….? It is all because of those idiots who voted for the pig government to chase those talents out of this country.

    This scenario would stay.

    They would prefer to remain backward, so long as they are in control over you and me. I think they enjoy seeing non-malays 'begging' all the time.

    Even though they are left far behind Korea, Taiwan and now Thailand is coming up strong. To them these are not competitors. In their narrow mind, the 'enemies' are local non-malays. Must suppress, by all means.

    All malay pig are programmed to be promoted much faster ahead of non-malays the moment they join University Malaya. Soon University Malaya will be dominated by malay pig and the ranking will slip further.

    Most of the malay pig in Malaysia cannot think clearly, their mind and thinking are clouded by such things as comfort zone, frog-in-a-well syndrome, ignorance, racial pride, stubbornness, etc.<

  • At 12:54 PM, Anonymous vesewe said…

    Apartheid-like government will always push for apartheid-like policies. The government of Malaysia is clearly not for all races but to the selected one only. All agenda is for that particular race.

    Disparity exists, no doubt about that. Studies can be made until the cows come home, still no effort is coming to solve the problem.

    Basically this is due to the system. For as long as programmes are geared for political purposes, achieving any success will be just the dreams.

    Inequalities must be addressed without indulging in ethnic, religious or state considerations. We should put a stop to even think about them.

    Change the government. Change the system. Wouldn't we in our right mind take that chance! Unless we are brave enough don't expect anything would change. The system is now our culture.

    Hi malay, why bother with other country if yours is the crappy one? Hello to retard! Correct your own doing first then you can judge others. Typical Umno dog!

    You must be one of the NEP byproducts, i.e. mentally less competitive than your fellow Malaysians of other races. It really shows from your statements that you only possess 50% of brain capacity of normal humans.

    God help you guys and this country. I can contribute the other 50% if only malays like you would be willing to listen.

    Interestingly although while we say bumis have achieved 19% of the country share of economic wealth, we are talking only about malay bumis. The other bumis in particularly the Dayak, Dusun and Kedazan from Sabah and Sarawak in comparison have achieved zero percent.

    Admittedly these "minority bumis" who sometime referred themselves as second class bumis have been lagging behind the malays, no need to mention the advanced Chinese or Indians.

    Whether this situation is by accidence or by design, the failure of the NEP to uplift their livelihood or the false belief that they enjoy being classified as bumis have become a point of contention to these communities (who are the majority population in east Malaysia).

    Please don't make us to laugh!

    Let us all go to sleep and wake up in year 2020. Guess what? They will still be crying for the NEP? Why?

    It is the same twenty years ago, it will be the same twenty years from now. What would you expect from Umno? They will never allow their brethren the independence, they so fear.<

  • At 12:57 PM, Anonymous aston said…

    Government forces us to learn Bahasa Melayu. Looking the fact today, what rubbish use is it? Do you speak malay in Australia? No, yes you speak malay in Indonesia, but who will go to such a moron country and has his career started over there?

    Bahasa Melayu sucks, I wonder why we should study this language first of all. English is always what we want it to be as the national language instead of Bahasa Melayu.

    Using English as an official language is the best thing to do, not for our own good but for your own good. Due to this stupid Bahasa Melayu, it distorted our English learning improvement. If it wasn't due to this language, my English wouldn't be so slack here……….

    So now those Umno morons finally see the importance of English, but limited by their narrow mind, they only change some the media language to English in the education system.

    20 years after the change from malay to English, they finally relalise that Bahasa Melayu did not bring any good improvement. But still in my school years I learn malay……….damn!

    Second of all, you are very narrow mind guy. Why should one in this world be patriotic to certain country and be faithful to them? World is world, everybody in this world are brothers, is it necessary to say that you belong to this region or something or so on!

    For countries like Singapore and western countries, they can have double citizenships, it is not a big problem at all if one's holding so many citizenships, because they understand the meaning about this. Only malays having such narrow mind would care about those things……….

    Seriously, are you a Muslim? It means that your God says one have special rights than others?

    Immigrants? I don't think Malaysia can achieve half what they have without the immigrants. Do you seriously think that every things Malaysia have today are the effort of malays only? Indians and Chinese never even done anything?

    It seems like worshiping Allah give you a characteristic of humiliating and scolding others off and racist claim - sons of immigrants.

    If there is a $$$ God, it will be better than Allah, the one you worship.

    You want to talk about descendents? Oh, aren't you the immigrants from Indonesia? Whose ancestors are from Africa, who grand grand grand parents are Adam and Eve. After all we are still the same. Get it?

    God damn it, after 30 years Islam teaches out bunch of people that are racist towards other groups of people? Disappointing……….

    Tell yourself what can you do to the country? Do you certainly believe that people having same characteristic like you are the people who helped to develop this country?

    I want your own opinion, you think this is fair? You think this is right? After learning Islamic teachings for so many years, you agree with all those racist policies and called other people sons of immigrants?

    Holy crap……….all the years what Malaysia have are narrow mind cunts like you, you are no different with the Umno morons.

    Tell me one of these government policies is wrong. Judge it! So you think that it is ok, if we don't like it, we get lost? Yes, I choose to get lost, I don't want pay my tax to a group of Umno morons to continue their unfair policies.

    Not peaceful enough? What makes the Malaysia peaceful?

    Of course Malaysia can still live in peaceful situation. Isn't African countries also peaceful? As long as you stay at home. You are peaceful!

    Let me tell you my perspectives. This land should belongs to no one particular race, should be multi-racial. Should run fair policies which is not one-sided. Should speak a common language - English.

    Sick anyhow, this country has no relationship to me anymore. I am in Singapore now, thank God. After graduation, I definitely get a Singapore PR and I will surely apply for citizenship.

    Tired of people who keep avoiding the question. Vision 2020 going to be achieved by this group of morons? Keep on dreaming, don't need to reply my question.

    Once I have enough money, I will move all out from this moron country. I know what you want to say: "If you don't like it, get out from the Malaysia!" That is what typical moron will say.


  • At 1:03 PM, Anonymous bad fire said…

    You malays don't like it? You leave! We are going to stay! We like it here! Who gives you the right to tell us what to do?

    They just jealous because they are loose in economical race. I can understand that. If immigrants more rich than malays, then malays will be jealous like hell. It happens everywhere. If Chinese poor - I am sure malays never become racists but Chinese never made to be poor. We are made to be winner and sorry to the looser who become racists after that.

    Malays never beat Chinese in economy even until end of the world - their destiny is to become slaves.

    Why we live in your country because it is easier to earn money there - because your peoples have no brains that is why there are no competitive.

    We are not scare at you my friend, lots of Chinese already move to other country such as Australia, Singapore or US. We have the money, we can go everywhere we like even going back to China!

    God damn, you are really a fool. Why Chinese are everywhere? Here, let me tell you why. In China, it is hard to earn money because the competitive is extremely high. Where in country like Malaysia, there are no competitive at all - the reason is simple, you malays doesn't know how to do business and earn cash, so all the opportunity goes to the Chinese.

    You malays are well educated and you have brain? And want to make Malaysia better? Why Malaysia still likes that? Corrupted, useless, weak junk country. The currency is useless, economy like shit! Think fools!

    Thanks to Malaysia? Hahaha! And you said become rich because of Malaysia? No, Chinese become rich because we are hardworking and smart! Fools you! Chinese go everywhere also can live, in Australia, US, and all over the world. Go traveling around and see if you can find any malay! Hahaha!

    Become smart because education in Malaysia? Dream! Think smart! Your education system is lousy, suck, useless! The standard is low! Find prove stupid!

    Heart? Where is our heart? You malays don't like Chinese, why do Chinese have to pay our heart to Malaysia?

    Point the finger to yourself. What a big fool malay stupid dumbfuck.

    Also, visit your brother Indonesia, and you can see all the shops and companies are operated by Chinese. We also conquer your brother economy, fools! Hahaha……….what a joke! Indonesia!

    Let us face it. You don't want Chinese to get out of Malaysia. Because if they did, Malaysia would never develop. They would also bring a great deal of financial wealth and investments with them too.

    Note Malaysia is doing well. It certainly isn't because of the malays.

    And Thailand which is another prosperous South-East Asia nation. It also has a large Chinese population and a national culture that is welcoming towards Chinese. At least they have a leader on the South-East Asia knows of how to treat Chinese. It is no wonder that Thailand is on the verge of being a developed nation.<

  • At 1:12 PM, Anonymous killer said…

    This malay pig race is so stupid, that they'd never amount to anything in this world.

    This message board has been here for awhile, and if anyone goes back, there is no one message, that talks good about this stupid malay pig race, because everybody knows how stupid, and hateful this malay pig race is all about.

    The malay pig will crumble from internal weaknesses and disappear in era of need for others to colonize them.

    Because malay pig like to be parasites and feed on the Chinese's income tax!

    Wait until the malay pig population increase to 90% in Malaysia, the same ratio as in Indonesia, then you will know the meaning of poor, as there will be too many malay pig to subsidize.

    Then the economy collapse.

    The malay pig are actually digging their own grave and they are trying to dig a deeper and bigger one now..........

    But all of them I have to see are being manipulated by certain top malay politicians so they will support them........

    There show that the general malay pig are quite stupid and can't think outside the box……….

    Only 1% of the malay pig can make it and they are the exception. If malay pig are not stupid, what are they?

    If all malay pig jump into sea and all die!

    This world will become very very beautiful.<

  • At 1:15 PM, Anonymous the model racist nation said…

    It pains me further to know that as advanced or intellectually superior we claim to be, we are still unable to see past skin color or beliefs.

    Let me ask you a question, if your mother treats your brother much better than you, give him a car, education and house and you "zero" - how will you feel?

    You malays are so lazy to even talk, what can you do? If you don't like us arguing, you can go back to Indonesia!

    Malays being strong? Even with all these racist quotas to help the malays, the malays are still weak, so don't talk rubbish here! If we take away the tongkat, don't you think you will fall? Strong? Strong people don't need tongkat in the first place!

    If the Chinese were to leave Malaysia as when they leave Vietnam, Malaysia will be just like Vietnam - one of the poorest countries in the world!

    Malays are sharp? Copy food and marriage festival from Indian, copy language from English. What are your original things that you guys invented? I think even the sarong is borrowed from the Indians!

    I know one thing you guys didn't borrow from people - laziness and stupidity!

    I forgot, you are a Muslim but I thought Quran ask people not to lie. So do you think you will go to heaven or hell by your religion standards?

    If Malaysia was built by malays, the British won't bring in Chinese and Indians to develop the economy. Malays are well known for being lazy and stupid, that is the reason why the British brought in foreign labours, were you sleeping when Mahathir pointed out this fact?

    Does a strong man need a tongkat to walk? Only those paralyzed malays like you need tongkat.

    What is wrong with Mahathir saying a person who needs a tongkat is weak, because that is the truth. Other people can run but the malays cannot even walk without a tongkat!

    Then why don't we use your logic: Give the special rights to non-malays, and malays have no special rights. By then, you will complain and should you go back to Indonesia?

    Why do Indonesians come to Malaysia to work when they are so strong? Because they like to be parasites and feed on the Chinese's income tax! Use your brain, which has not been used because you are so lazy.

    The reason why Malaysia suffered a currency plunge is because the government was giving out a lot of loans to people who cannot pay back (the malays) and they were helping a lot of government cronies based on race.

    Why didn't the Singapore suffer a similar fate? Because they are efficient. In Malaysia, it is all about malays subsidies and saving malays asses.

    If the Chinese didn't save the economy in 1997, the currency would have plunge even lower and the economy suffer even more! This is all because of the weakness of the racist policies.

    Isn't it stupid to see these racial bashings, and to think that we consider ourselves a successful multi-racial country?

    If you do not want Malaysians and even foreigners to criticize Malaysia due to their racist policies, please remove them. That is the biggest obstacle to unity and not because we have Chinese or Tamil schools!

    I am trying to tell everyone this country is belong to every Malaysian - a country which left majority Chinese will develop like China and a country only left malays will become like Indonesia - there is nothing special about this country anymore.<

  • At 3:14 PM, Anonymous boleh said…

    We can't change it politically, you are wrong. We will.

    Once this country is run by terms of equal rights, where each citizen play by the rules and regulations of total fairness, then we shall see where the malays will stand.

    Right down at the bottom? Most probably, yes! Not only the non-malays will agree, the whole world would probably agree as well. In fact some malays will agree this as well.

    The only thing that all of us can see, whether you are a Malaysian, or non-Malaysian, is that the malays here will never change. Not now, never will.

    Your level of intelligence and pathetic sense of judgement depict not only how truthfully and incompetently low life beings you are, crawling at the lowest level of the human hierarchy, begging for alms, practically putting all your grotesque clown-butt ugly faces in front of the world, self-admitting that even maggots feasting on a pile of dung, looks and sounds much much better.

    You defense on your own race, will not conclude anything, but strengthen the fact that even your pure existence in this very world of civilized human beings, is worse than the thought of having an incest driven rapist over for dinner.

    Ponder upon this, there is no point defending for yourselves, save it. The fact and all the truth speak louder than just stupid farts coming out from your infested mouth fueled by your retarded brain.

    To be honest, how naive you are with your pointless talk, we can see it in every glory in your statement here. In fact by calling you stupid, would be the most insulting thing by being stupid. Have you ever heard of the word opposition?

    Think my friend, if there is no such thing as bravery to challenge the government face to face, why would oppositions be there?

    By now, your retarded brain must be struggling, thinking, hey what is the point of oppositions if they are not effective enough to fight against the government? Good question.

    One word - CORRUPTION.
    The rest of the picture, I will also leave it up to you.

    The real cowards in Malaysia are the group of people who survive under bogus unfair rights, fictional promises which only rat testicles will believe they are true.

    The same group of people who destroying the country with their own social menace, incest activities, drugs, materialistic punks with brain the size of a chicken shit, etc.

    The same group of people who are spoilt by unreasonable, pointless, total waste of time support from the government. Which even that, on that very constant support, they are still licking their own balls, nursing their injury, shamelessly.

    And still as of yet, presently and logically categorized as the POOREST class citizens who only survive by politically sucking other people's hard earned benefits.

    The same group of people who idolizes external portrayal of physical goodness, but mentally and reality, are bunch of idiotic hypocrites nothing better than a rottening pair of pig's testicles. Even the maggots would think twice of devouring such a distasteful crap.

    I am sick and tired of saying this over and over again. I honestly believe, that every single malay individual in this country, within their very heart, and best interests, know where they stand. They know right from the start, that they can't win in a fair and equal environment.

    Their fictitious pride and ego made them proud of their weakness, never ever have the guts to admit their weaker side.

    And how do you think they survive? By playing dirty. And most of the time, very very dirty. To those malays who are successful, trust me, they are not pure malays. They are even embarrassed by the fact that they are malays.


    Still think and insist malays are for perpaduan? fair? got integrity and dignity?

    The only way to have perpaduan is: you motherf***ker stripe your own babi status and come to term with other races on level playing field............that is what we call a step towards perpaduan..............!

    We are all Malaysians, why not? What is your problem??????????

    Now the answer to this I leave it to you to think. How you want to think it with your level of stupidity, I have truly no idea.<

  • At 12:29 AM, Blogger Mazudi said…

    Boleh pass ker nih?<

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