Friday, September 28, 2007
(Entri ini dalam edisi Bahasa Melayu pernah diterbitkan pada 11 Ogos 2006, diulangsiar bersempena dengan Pilihanraya Kampus 2007)

[In front of class, a lecturer - Mdm Z (not a real name) - is teaching]

Subject : Introduction to Microbiology

Topic : Bacteria

Characteristics : Some of them can withstand in extreme environment; dry location, powerful activity of digestive enzyme, intense acid of volcanic acid, extreme high and cold temperature….

[In the same class, a student – Awan (not a real name) – is copying the notes]

Subject : Introduction to Campus Life

Topic : Student (Mahasiswa)

Characteristic : Some of them can withstand in extreme circumstances; pressure of AUKU, powerful of university’s administration, intense activity of government, awful aspiration group, extreme and draconian acts….

Additional note: University students must learn from bacteria. In any circumstances, any challenge, any pressure and any tribulation, students must keep on fighting. Withstand!

Moral value: Pay attention when you're in class!
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